Top100 Movies From DoubanMovie

This is a Data Journalism presented by Siyuan Sun, who is from the Communication University of China. I collected the data from an authoritative movie website named Douban. In this work, some of the interesting issues are discussed.

I picked up the top 100 movies from Douban website. The score is given by movie lovers in China at liberty.

Distribution of the Top100 Movies

Page Title
comments times
the shawshank redemption650625America9.6America
big fish192075America8.7America
a beautiful mind239334America8.9America
the silence of lamps269982America8.7America
life of pi461283America9America
the lion king220659America8.8America
the lord of ring3226520America9.1America
before sunset153124America8.7America
the lord of the rings2216350America8.9America
shutter island266947America8.6America
dead poets sociaty205623America8.9America
12 angry man122926America9.3America
before sunrise163266America8.7America
the butterfly effect302101America8.7America
the pursuit of happiness427434America8.9America
good will hunt198200America8.7America
spirited away493086America9.2America
the godfther261019America9.2America
brave heart243194America8.8America
how to train your dragon219398America8.7America
edward scissorhands392014America8.7America
pulp fiction249759America8.7America
roman holiday304203America8.9America
la leggenda del pianista sull'oceano476097America9.2America
gone with the wild214767America9.2America
the fight club334202America9America
the sixth sense177648America8.8America
the lord of the rings240856America8.9America
legendds of the fall123223America8.8America
one flew over the cuckoo's nest217202America9America
the truman show327136America9America
scentof a woman247112America8.9America
saving private ryan172969America8.8America
the cove153471America9.3America
pirates of the caribbean259193America8.5America
the sound of music186192America8.9America
forrest gump546466America9.4America
the curious case of banjamin button314276America8.7America
the god father2140117America9.1America
mary and max195774Australia8.9Australia
the matrix212451Australia8.7Australia
cidade de deus123671Brazil8.9Brazil
Journey to the West2295834China8.9China
infernal affairs293616China8.9China
in the heat of the sun207571China8.7China
happy together173911China8.7China
the monkey king69333China9.2China
hero of eagle212842China8.7China
devils on the doorstep170051China9.1China
let bullet fly512283China8.7China
Journey to the West341089China9.1China
eat drink man woman121780China8.9China
chungking express233570China8.6China
farewell my concubine447203Chinac9.4Chinac
the dark knight235708England8.9England
les choristes350203England9.2England
lock slock and two smoking barrels218084England9England
love actually246776England8.5England
the prestige261383England8.8England
le fabuleux destin d'amelie poulain393537France8.8France
la grande vadrouille86126France8.9France
the pianist156665France9France
3 idiots518612France9.1France
das leben der anderen162628Germany9.1Germany
v for vendetta312346Germany8.8Germany
small shoes100521Iran9.1Iran
schindler's list288012Iran9.4Iran
once opon a time in america130954Italy9.1Italy
life is beautifun302801Italy9.5Italy
nuovo cinema paradiso245044Italy9.1Italy
ghoost of princess180722Japan8.7Japan
love letter281697Japan8.8Japan
the grave of firefly160967Japan8.8Japan
desperate song187628Japan8.9Japan
moving castals263441Japan8.8Japan
castle in the sky254367Japan9Japan
kaze no tani no naushika136199Japan8.8Japan
hachi:a dog's tale327148Japan9.2Japan
the valley of heart124374Japan8.8Japan
happy sisters tao199096Korea8.8Korea

From this map, we can easily see that most of the Top 100 movies are from America. Europe and east Asia take up  some of the Top 100 movies, while the other parts of the world barely create top-ranking movies.

Now look more closely at data, we can clearly find that 1994 is the golden year for making good movies, as many as 10% of the top 100 movies are made in this single year. However, nearly no good movie is made before1985, according to the viewers in China.

It is not a line-regression relationship between the score of a movie and its comments times. In other words, if scores represent the success of movies and comments times represent the popularity of movies, these two factors seem to have limited relation.

Name data cards grouped by time

Comments times and Scores of Name data cards 

Top100 Movies selected by nation

Is the most productive nation also has the most of high rating movies? Not exactly. While India makes approximately one third of the total movies in the world, there is not a single movie that could be called classic. On the contrary, rather than focus on the numbers of movies, Europe is famous for the quality of movies.

Number of Movies made in one year

Name Data Cards

Interestingly, compared with IMDB in America, the scores given in China have some discrepancies. On the one hand, more Chinese movies are included within the top movies; On the other hand, more latest movies are highly appraised.

Therefore, we can see that there is a culture gap between China and America. Both countries are more interested in the movies that reflected their own lifestyle, and maybe American people have a better view of the thorough movie's history!